Saturday, August 28, 2010

No card to post today - but I did have fun!

Good evening!  No card today, I didn't have any time.  I picked up my sis at 11:00 this morning and we went to TGI's around 11:30 for lunch.  TGI's always has good food.  We had our lunch and several laughs and headed for our make and take which started at 1:00 p.m.   We made 10 cards - 5 designs/2 of each design.  Our SU demonstrator, Julie, put the make and take on and had her cute baby, Anna, with her.  Anna is darling and you just want to give her hugs.   I am so thankful for my sis - she can always make me laugh!

On our way home, we took the scenic route through Chatham, IL and OMG - I cannot believe how big Chatham has become.  I told my sister it is so big that it is almost a part of Springfield. 

I dropped my sis back off - zoomed back to Mt. Pulaski, changed clothes and hopped in the truck with my honey pie, Jim, and off we went to a cookout.  After the cookout, everyone was going up to the Balloon Fest in Lincoln, but we passed and came on home.  I think I am out of steam!  Ha, ha - my husband just said - honey you always have plenty of hot air! 

Signing off now.  Hope everyone is well.  Later Gator!


  1. Not only is my sister a talented card maker; she writes well too. Write a book too sis.

    Your favorite fan

  2. Your day sounds like it was just as busy as mine. After I left class, we ran an errand and headed back to our old street for a block party with our neighbors. We had such a great time. The kids were sooooo dirty from playing outside and as I was rounding them up to throw them in someone's tub for a bath, Thomas said to me: "Is it time to go yet? I'm SO TIRED!" We finally rolled out of town around 8:45 -- well after their bedtime!


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