Friday, May 3, 2013

TTSTV Challenge 47 - Card/Box in One




Kathy Bradley




            Scoring Board (Scor-Pal, SU, etc.)

            Cutting Board and/or Scissors

            Scor-Tape (or any other 2-sided tape)

            12x12 piece of colored cardstock

            8-1/2x11 piece of white cardstock (or you can use designer paper)


            Embossing Folder (optional) (I used a Sizzix EF)

            Dies (optional) (I used Spellbinder’s Labels 29)

            Die Cutting and Embossing Machine (Optional)

            Paper Piercer or 1/8” hole punch

            Stamps/images of your choice – I used MFP Love Remains

            2 brads (I used 2 SU gem brads)


Cardstock to be cut:


One 10-1/4 x 3-1/2 inch colored cardstock (this will be the box cover or sleeve)


Three 3-1/4 x 3/4 inch white cardstock or designer paper.  (I used white cardstock and embossed the three pieces).


Three 3-1/4 x 2-1/8 inch white cardstock or designer paper.  (I used white cardstock and used the 3x2 inch die from Labels 29).  One of these pieces will go on top of the sleeve/cover for the image and the other 2 pieces will go inside the card.


4 x 7 inch colored cardstock (drawer/box).

Two 2 x 3/4 inch white cardstock or designer paper – (for ends of drawer/box).  (I used white cardstock and embossed the two pieces).



Okay – now we are going to work on the sleeve or cover.  Take the 10-1/4 x 3-1/2 inch piece of colored cardstock and score it at 1/2 inch; 2-3/4 inches; 3-3/4 inches; 6 inches; 7 inches and 9-1/4 inches.

Next – (I used Scor-Tape) to attach the 1/2 inch flap to the middle 1 inch section to create the sleeve or cover.  Note: the Scor-Tape was placed on the inside portion of the sleeve.

This is a view of the sleeve folded on the scored lines and, as you can see, the Scor-Tape is on the inside.

The picture immediately below shows the 1/2 inch piece adhered to the middle 1 inch section.

Okay, now you need to place a piece of double-sided tape and place it on the outside of the sleeve/cover – see below.  Next, take a 16 inch piece of ribbon (any color – I used white).  Lay the ribbon over the sleeve – and close the top over the sleeve – you will need to be able to tie a bow to the side to keep it closed.

Once you determine the placement so that you can tie a bow – adhere it to the strip of tape (see below).


Now, take the three 3-1/4 x ¾ inch pieces (my white embossed pieces or designer paper pieces – whatever you used) and adhere them to the 2 sides of the sleeve/cover and also to the flap.  The three 3 x 2 inch die cut pieces go on the top of the cover and the other 2 pieces on the inside of the cover (which make up the card).  See below pictures.


This top portion of the sleeve/cover is the card.  You can use whatever images/sentiments to complete the top panel and the inside 2 panels of the card.

Now, we are going to put the drawer/box together.  First, take the 4 x 7 inch piece of colored cardstock.  Score the piece at 7/8 inch and 1-3/4 inch.  Score it at the exact same marks on the opposite end of the cardstock.

Take this same piece of cardstock and put the short edge of the cardstock at the top of the scoring board and score at 7/8 inch all the way down.  Repeat on the opposite end of this cardstock.

Now place a piece of two-sided tape at each end of the 4 x 7 inch piece of cardstock as shown below (these are placed on the inside of the drawer/box).  Now cut the 4 corners off of this piece of cardstock.  See the below pictures.



Now, on what will be the right side/outside of the box/drawer – place pieces of 2-sided as tape shown below.

Okay – let’s assemble the box/drawer.  You are going to fold on the scored lines.  Take one of the end pieces – fold it in and tape it down – do the same thing for the opposite end.

Now, we are going to fold the sides and adhere the small tabs in to close up the box/drawer.  See below pictures.

Take the two 2 x 3/4 inch pieces of cardstock (mine are white and embossed) and put one on each end of the drawer/box.


 We will need a pull on our drawer/box.  I used a small piece of ribbon and 2 brads for the pull. I suggest you cut whatever size of ribbon you are happy with for the pull.  I determined where I wanted my brads and used a 1/8 inch paper punch to make the holes.  Next I inserted my brads through the ribbon and drawer/box.

Okeedokee, let’s put this together.



This little card and box all in one makes a perfect gift for someone.  You can put a gift card in the box/drawer, or some chocolate – whatever you like.  I made a birthday card/box out of mine, but you can use it for Christmas, new baby, etc. – it’s only limited by your imagination.

Thanks for joining us for this tutorial.  Happy crafting.


  1. Kathy, Thanks for the Fab tutorial!! You made it so easy I really had fun making these!! Yours is beautiful :)

  2. What a stunning little gift idea and such a wonderful tutorial. Thanks for sharing.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  3. this is very beautiful Kathy, great tutorial you have made.

    greetings karin

  4. Kathy, Your tutorial was fantastic, this was a little intimidating at first, but great tutorial to get us through it!

  5. Wow, this is really neat. Your tutorial was great. I think that I might even be able to make one. TFS.

  6. Great tutorial Kathy! I love that rose image, and your coloring of it so pretty!

  7. Kathy this was a great tutorial and I really enjoyed making this cute box. Yours turned out beautiful!

  8. Very detailed tutorial - you did a fab job! Lovely and cute box. Talented girl!!!!


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