Monday, August 10, 2015


Two great days with the awesome Finnabair in classes on August 4th and 5th of last week.  Life's been a bit hectic lately and just now able to get some of my projects loaded up.

First let me say that Finn is the most down to earth individual ever and has a bit of a hard time accepting many compliments.  And, she is just as pretty as her pictures!  Further, she is a great teacher and explains things in an awesome manner and showed us all each step before we tried it ourselves.  It was an amazing 2 days!

August 4th, Tuesday, our first class - we did the 10x10 canvas.  I originally had a photo of myself on the canvas - but some of my drips - dripped down my face - so, I switched out with another black/white photo - and will probably replace that with one of my family.

The second canvas - the 10x20 inch canvas was the most fun!  Most everyone used a photo of themselves, their pets or family.  I found this awesome photo of a black panther growling and decided I would use that for my canvas.  Finn gave some wonderful and helpful tips about how to do metal clusters and proportions, etc.

It was fun and amazing.

Thanks for having a peek!

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  1. Gorgeous projects. I am loving the canvas with the great designs and colors.


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