Thursday, February 26, 2015


Hi - back with the finished cover of my new Art Journal.  It seems everyone uses their Art Journals in different ways.  I've decided that this journal will just contain experimental pages, i.e., color combos, different types of color - sprays, watercolors, etc.  And, I will also be experimenting with the different media types, gesso, paste.  

I really like how my cover turned out and I love my wings.  Of course, there is a lot of blues and golds - because, yep, I do love my blues!  And, I've said this to several people - that I am like an old crow and attracted to anything that sparkles, glimmers and shines!

So, that's it for today - oh - more snow is coming our way Saturday and Sunday - I know I'm really excited (sarcasm dripping heavily)!

Take care - later gator!


  1. LOVE your journal cover!! The colors and thoe cool wings are awesome :)

  2. Your journal cover looks fantastic, love all the different textures, and such great colour choices too! Now I can't wait what will appear inside!

    Hope the snow won't hit you too badly....

  3. Wow, your journal cover is awesome. I love those wings. I love the gold and blues. You are doing a great job with the mixed media.

  4. Love it Kathy! The metallics look gorgeous and those wings are magnificent! Sending warm sunny thoughts your way :)

  5. gorgeous! I love all the little elements you used. The wings are just exquisite!


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