Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Girly Girl Card

Hello on this Thursday evening.  This is such a little girly girl card.  I'm probably going to send this to my Aunt Catherine - as she loves the frilly things.  I hate that you can't see the glitter on her petticoat, her bouquet of flowers and shoes.  If I had taken the picture during the day, it would have shown the glitter.  If I hadn't been piddling around and finished the card earlier, I could have taken it during the day -- but no - had to be piddling around the web.  Oh well - another "shoulda moment."

Also, sending some hugs to my sis tonight - as she needs a few today - love and hugs, Barb!!!

I also made a birthday card for my honey pie husband (Jim) tonight.  His birthday is Sunday the 12th.  I can tell you about the card, because he doesn't read my blog (unless he's watching me type over my shoulder - which he isn't tonight).  Jim loves to fish and so do I - but we both always fish and release.  I've had this image (from whence it came I have no clue), but it is a group of fish taking numbers to get on the hook - because they get free yukky (I mean yummy) bait and then get released and the same fish keep going back to the end of the line to jump on the hook again for more bait.  Okay, so it's hard to image the image, but it is funny - just not so funny when you type it out.

Well, that's it for tonight.  Have a good evening.  Later Gator.


  1. Such a sweet card. Aunt Catherine will love it.
    Thanks for listening ...don't know what I'd do without you.

    Hugs right back.

  2. this card is lovely kathy! your blog is looking grand...keep up the lovely work darl :>


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