Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just got back from Kentucky/Tennessee


Sorry, no card today and a short post.  I just got back from Kentucky/Tennessee and I am too tired to work on a card.  But, tomorrow, I will be back with another card and will also be working on my card for Mothermark's Tea Pot Tuesday challenge on SCS.  We had a wonderful time down in KY/TN, but Honeypie fractured his little finger and we went to Blanchfield Army Hospital on Ft. Campbell Army Post in Kentucky (which is where we were staying anyway).  They x-rayed his fingers and he fractured the tip of his little finger and they splint it up and gave him prescriptions for pain.  He had his hand on the motor and hit the power trim button to raise the motor to put the bottom brace on and it caught his finger.  The motor weighs hundreds of pounds and when we finally got his finger free - it was perfectly flat and bleeding.  I thought he had lost the tip of his finger, but it was still in tact.  He was in such pain that day - it was horrible.  He is feeling much better (except when he accidentally bumps the splint - and that's a major owie).  But the good news is that he will be just fine.  Gotta go now and I'll be back tomorrow.  Later Gator.

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  1. Kathy,
    I hope your Honeypie's finger is feeling better. OUCH!!!!


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