Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Harmony Card

I like these colors together - real red and tempting turquoise - they are just cheery and bright.  I'm sending it to an old friend who is sort of down in the dumps - thought I'd put a note in the card and send it off to her tomorrow.  We can all use a bit of cheering up every so often - don't ya think?

I was just reading the paper this morning and thought it would be nice to have one day where the paper would just have happy news (not just the comics), but just happy news throughout the whole paper.  Okay, so maybe you'd have to leave out the stock news and the obits, oh and police beat, oh and the city and state section - so, we are down to the classifieds.  So, that was a bad idea, since I guess the newspaper couldn't really come up with enough happy news to fill a section - or if they can - they don't print it.  I mean really, wouldn't it be nice to open the paper and see a smiley face that said - Only Happy and Fun News in this paper.  Just one day a week of "get me out of the real world news" would be good.  Let's see, pictures of newborn babies, puppies, kittens, toads, frogs, lions - you get the picture!  Lots of pet adoption pictures of the pets with their new owners; kids at Toys 'R Us playing on toys, artwork from the local kindergartens, etc.,etc. and a couple of stand-up comedians to deliver the paper spewing their funnies!  Alrighty then - back to normality.  That sort of sounds like a little town - a boring little town or a disease - I'm sorry - OMG - you are suffering from normality!!  Truthfully, boring and normal is mostly good - that  means things are running smoothly.  So, whenever I want happy news, I'll just come back to kathyville and write it!  Take that SJR!

Okay, done rambling now - blurb on the blog is over.  Later Gator!


  1. These colors really pop together! Love your card! Happy Harmony is a great set! I sure do miss it!

  2. I am always excited to see your cards. Who wouldn't want to receive one from you. This one is lovely.
    Your sis

  3. first this card is lovely.
    second my betty boop image I get from google internet.
    these I print out four times and I make 3d from it.
    I hope I answer your question.

    greetings karin

  4. I think it would be magnificent to see that in the paper. I used to always tell my hubby I wanted to live in Stars Hollow with the Gilmore girls. I love that place.

    Your card is scrumptious. Love those colors together too!



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